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  • Green canvas shoes with a unique shape, the trend of the effect of eye art concave concave

    2017 green canvas shoes with how?If you are full of vibrant youth, if you have endless passion, if you have to make the end of life, you want to different fashion, it just put on canvas shoes to release the youth. A pair of canvas shoes can also simply wear out their own tidal range. Want to be refreshing point of the words can actually be considered with white or yellow high tube socks, in fact, this mix has been very popular in foreign countries, upper body with a cake skirt or shorts, very personality and youth!

    Want a neutral style of the words, in fact, the simplest is with a khaki casual pants, upper body with blue and white plaid shirt, casual and generous. Boys may also choose green shoes, in addition to just talked with the Khaki's casual pants, you can also choose with the green coat and heavy jeans, up and down echoes very handsome! Green canvas shoes with tips: green canvas shoes in the market fairly small, so with a pair of green canvas shoes or quite attractive effect, will let the eyes instantly freeze in this unique tone. The above is a small series for everyone to share the green canvas shoes with the skills, hope that we will help. We can also go to understand what color with jordans for sale red look good, you can let you know more color with knowledge.

    2017-03-24 22:39:28
  • Fashion tooling with what shoes look good to take a moment to enhance the sense of grade

    Fashion tooling with what shoes look good to take a moment to enhance the sense of grade, fashion tooling pants is a lot of light ripe OL will choose a fashion single product, light mature OL toward mature women forward. But if you do not speak with a good pants, it will appear rustic. Then fashionable suit pants with what shoes look good?Here to see it! Fashionable pants with what shoes look good?Take a moment to enhance your sense of grade. White T-shirt and gray overalls with a wide under the narrow version of the type, T-shirt gives a sense of leisure, it is suitable retro jordans for a simple afternoon break, with high heels to help extend the proportion of the legs to enhance the fashion sense.

    Wide version of the striped zipper hooded with khaki overalls, stylish full flavor, casual jacket with a combination of compact download, a kind of leisurely casual leisure charm. Gray overalls and white short-sleeved T-shirt with, take a light gray long-sleeved T-shirt, patchwork. Lattice scarves add pastoral atmosphere, and then with the gray slope of the canvas shoes, elegant leisure more suitable for OL temperament. White white overalls, trousers rolled up small narrow side, with white T-shirt and shoes with, quiet and leisurely, very suitable for travel Oh naval wind came in the fashion industry has been very strong, Navy blue curling tooling pants like jeans Wild, with a beautiful little vest, wear crystal high heels, lazy charm ready to come out.

    Short-sleeved shirt and overalls shorts with the summer in the streets can also become the focus of the trend, and then put on the mature Department of flat low sandals and bags, easily get rid of the tender feeling. Wide version of the black tooling trousers is very elegant and noble, very feminine. Classic generous style, with a vest shirt, capable temperament, then, and then wear high heels stretched the proportion of legs.

    2017-03-24 22:34:30
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