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  • Sports shoes, how to wash off the mold to teach you how to maintain a small coup shoes

    The weather is getting warmer, season is a good time to wear sports shoes. So, last year to buy sports shoes out to find moldy how to do?Next to learn Xiaobian to give you jordans on sale Weapon, tell you the maintenance of sports shoes, so that you wear every day fresh and clean, no longer for sports shoes Moldy and worry. Sports shoes mold treatment methods

    Bleaching method 1, if it is white ordinary material sports shoes moldy with bleach to wash.

    Woolen material of the mold must be used to clean the meat, and other gasoline after the volatile with the cloth on the clothes ironing to repeat the original characteristics of wool.

    2, silk stains can be used to remove the hairy cloth or towel gently, large spots need to spray ammonia on the silk, and then tools to ironing.

    3, white silk stains with alcohol slowly wipe off. The fiber on the shoes of the chemical fiber is washed with soap and then wiped with warm water.

    4, linen shoes can be washed with calcium chloride solution. Bean sprouts cleaning method to fresh green bean sprouts placed in moldy place, hand rubbing, and finally wash with water, it is so simple, the problem is solved. Before the shoes on the mildew can be sun exposure in the sun, after the brush with the place to remove long hair, and then clean the alcohol; the shoes into the thick soapy water soaked, with soapy water out, in the sun Under the sun for a while, repeated sun many times, until the mold removed, and then drift with water.

    2017-03-22 21:03:12
  • Thick side with a single shoes buckle British small shoes handsome

    Thick side heels have always been a lot of fashion people like, thick side to wear it is very talking about, like a knight, thick side with a single shoe style pictures have what?Not hurry to handsome: pearl thick with square head shoes. Super good-looking, the heel of the leather is very soft, feeling more than a single shoes, not cut feet, wear a long time will be comfortable, the cortex is good, heel can also be used when the slippers wear shoes, shoes are very characteristic, walking in the street will not Hit the shoes, and followed by the pearl with a very nice, very like, leather material, the whole skin, put on breathable effect is very good!

    Casual retro leather shoes .. The front of the tape is not tight enough, but it is not good to wear a good foot, good quality, workmanship is also very good, style and color and photos of the same, the fabric is very soft, legs were wearing a socks and another feeling , Just fall just right! Especially Western style, whether you wear pants skirt, are very good with clothes! Elegant woman wearing high heels, 4cm wooden heel height is moderate, rough heel walking more stable, road injustice can also step on it flat world, followed by plush for the selection of high quality rabbit hair, 100% leather rabbit hair, Hurt your feet, support verification, such as fake package! The The trend of the square head shoe last is to highlight the full personality, will allow you to become the focus of any occasion!

    Square head small shoes. This shoe is a very personal, lace style shoes is relatively basic style, but this one and Mary Jane shoes with the elements together, a little more retro elements, dew with the design is elegant atmosphere It is very nice. Retro rough with the fight color suede shoes. This is a rough heel style is relatively basic, is a very simple solid color shoes, but a strong sense of design. Heel is trapezoidal, walking more comfortable, not tired feet, the overall soft leather, suede material more atmosphere, it seems more texture. Shallow mouth side empty shoes. This shoe is very fashionable, compared to the previous few, this is a very modern posture, metal with a strong sense of the overall design is simple but the cheap jordans online atmosphere, not too much decoration, leather texture is very good, Comfortable, not tired feet, with clothes is a better focus.

    Tassel square head flat shoes. Lok Fu shoes is also a very classic one of the shoes, this shoe with patent leather material production, more of a little fashionable atmosphere, bow delicate atmosphere, joined the tassel elements, more a little feminine, relatively low Square with the design, walking more light. Retro square head with a single shoes. This year is very popular is that this heel out a little more design, the overall design is also very texture, lace style is like a belt, but as a toe decoration, simple and atmospheric, with not high, but comfortable Good to walk. Small square shallow mouth high heels. This shoe is more basic shoes, lace style shoes is the necessary style shoes, not only very wild, thick side with the design of walking is also very comfortable, not tired feet, square head Design is very delicate, more petite, temperament.

    Side buckle British small shoes. This is a comparison of British style shoes, the design of the elements are more, the overall trend is more fashionable style, the most popular fashion elements, with relatively simple, neutral style can also control, walking is also more comfortable, cost-effective or comparison High.

    2017-03-22 00:46:57
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