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  • Tall and straight posture to change the gas field, wearing high heels to do the goddess

    Some people will say that I wear flat and dressed like the words, but for a long time is accompanied by the problem with the chest hump, the whole person looks just the crowd of passers-by. Then change their own tall and straight posture gas field this problem will be put on the agenda, and the benefits of women wearing high heels can be body sculpting, correct shape, and looks taller. Wearing high heels descendants of the body will naturally forward, in order to maintain balance must be raised in order to achieve the purpose of balance. The purpose of the balance is achieved, the corresponding body of the upright and delicate state also came out. Classic shoes with sexy super-fine heel, no woman can withstand such a temptation, do not look so high with such a small, the key is that it is still very stable, stylish new color is very bright, matched with neat Of the shoes body, line avant-garde and eye-catching woman is an indispensable shoe, put on the goddess full

    Wine red shoes, in the daily clothes with a very nice, both wild and will not seem bland, especially in the winter inside, dark line in power, with a pair of dazzling shoes, but also very good rate The

    May be fine with some of the sisters who do not often wear high heels to wear to walk will inevitably be a bit uncomfortable, it may wish to try rough with, while ensuring a high degree of comfort at the same new jordans time, but also one or two the best choice. Charming and comfortable in the walk, no burden to walk, the shoes are also mosaic fashion rivets, quite queen demeanor, more sexy highlights fashion personality. Simple and generous straps plus waterproof platform, in the height up up at the same time, temperament is also accompanied by ascension, from the inside out of the distribution of women's intellectual charm of gas field. Daily wear can be a small pants, skirts

    Pointed high heels is easy to give people in the visual play above the role of elongation, this beautiful shoes in the work had to wear suits fashion beauty women, shoes design will not be too publicity, but also full of characteristics, Get rid of the shackles of the rules. Rich retro style of the British carved rough heels, stable and thick with, with the addition of high waterproof with the match, both to meet the fashion crush on the pursuit of high heels, but also to solve the fear of hate days high. Modern elegance and ankle shoes is nowadays the trend, slender flow line together into a sharp toe, showing simple and exquisite fashion philosophy, coupled with thick with patent leather design, fashion beautiful, put on the day will not be tired.

    2017-03-22 22:33:36
  • Sports shoes, how to wash off the mold to teach you how to maintain a small coup shoes

    The weather is getting warmer, season is a good time to wear sports shoes. So, last year to buy sports shoes out to find moldy how to do?Next to learn Xiaobian to give you jordans on sale Weapon, tell you the maintenance of sports shoes, so that you wear every day fresh and clean, no longer for sports shoes Moldy and worry. Sports shoes mold treatment methods

    Bleaching method 1, if it is white ordinary material sports shoes moldy with bleach to wash.

    Woolen material of the mold must be used to clean the meat, and other gasoline after the volatile with the cloth on the clothes ironing to repeat the original characteristics of wool.

    2, silk stains can be used to remove the hairy cloth or towel gently, large spots need to spray ammonia on the silk, and then tools to ironing.

    3, white silk stains with alcohol slowly wipe off. The fiber on the shoes of the chemical fiber is washed with soap and then wiped with warm water.

    4, linen shoes can be washed with calcium chloride solution. Bean sprouts cleaning method to fresh green bean sprouts placed in moldy place, hand rubbing, and finally wash with water, it is so simple, the problem is solved. Before the shoes on the mildew can be sun exposure in the sun, after the brush with the place to remove long hair, and then clean the alcohol; the shoes into the thick soapy water soaked, with soapy water out, in the sun Under the sun for a while, repeated sun many times, until the mold removed, and then drift with water.

    2017-03-22 21:03:12
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